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Hail is everywhere.

So you've heard there were lots of PDR Techs around, or PDR money is not averaging over 100K for 1st year techs..
Think again. As of this writing, Australia, Europe, and the States have all been pummeled AGAIN with hail, and gratefully, most of it is light damage.
One PDR Company in Pensacola FL has over 5000 cars lined up for repair at an average of $1500 a car (that's over $1M in hail $$) We are also setting up a Retail/Wholesale Team for Central Texas (See our PDR Forum or call for details) and will most likely be completed in 9-12 months!)
And we still have Europe hurting for good techs. Stats are telling us that techs that are decent are exceeding $1500-$2000 a day!
So guess what-PDR Techs are once again in great need!
If you are fortunate enough to be a quality PDR tech and you are reading this, surely your palm is itching because money is about to hit it.
Stay true to economic supply and demand rules:
A. Keep your prices strong (high)
B. When doing hail repair, keep your price near traditional repair pricing, or off the charts. Do NOT discount, and DO NOT let insurance companies push you around. Let them pay traditional $4000-7500 complete, conventional autobody hail repairs for a few hail damaged cars and then see who is calling!
C. More and more auction and dealer accounts are being abandoned by would be hail chasers...go get 'em if it suits your fancy!
ps-Our hail team is hurting for techs too!...call for details (949-497-2380)

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