Auto Repair Mechanic school? Are you NUTS!?

By Brian Jump

Hi there. I will warn you right up front: IF you are thin skinned and get offended easily, click your browser back button and go read Martha Stewart or Oprah.

If you can handle the truth, then read on my friend..

Auto Repair /Auto Mechanic School- IF you are considering this industry, I will sum it up with one simple word: BEWARE.
Yes, and I dont mean that litely. B E W A R E.

Ill start off with the good news. US Census has provided information that there will be plenty of auto repair jobs for the next 10 years +. Yippee.

That is will have a job. Nice. Working is nice. But, you can tell this is where the bad news begins..

There is no money in Auto Repair, or rather, being a mechanic. Sad, but true, and I will tell you why.

1) Auto Mechanics, the ones who are experts, cost a pretty penny. And what would be simpler- diagnostic equipment operated by an hourly wage grunt, or a six figure tech? Yup, the grunt. And your not the only one that knows this little tidbit. Major dealer auto groups know this. And they are doing just this. They are bringing in cheap grunt labor, and ex'ing all the pro's. $10 an hour sound nice? Well that is
about where its going.

2) How do we know this? I mean, we dont offer Auto Mechanic school, do we? No we dont. We teach Auto Recon, with an emphasis on Paintless Dent Repair

Guess who's calling us, non stop... Auto Mechanics. Thats right. They work at dealers and they notice the PDR Techs driving quad cab diesel $50k trucks, Hummers etc. Yeah, they notice.
And they also notice how they have just got a pink slip or HUGE pay cut. Its an easy equation. So they come to us, and we teach them the way and the light.

So, dont be nuts! Dont go the route of a dying breed..Think about Paintless Dent

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Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump