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Auto Workers, Communities Ponder life without GM

By Brian Jump

This recession has been hard on everyone, many people are jobless and have looked for work for months now and still are jobless. Companies have been forced into closure and even more companies are on the verge of shutting their front doors. With the world becoming more technical we are finding ourselves wondering if we will be the next to go.
Industrial policies which were ensured by both Bush and Clinton encouraged companies to shutter factories in the US and move to foreign countries taking lower wages and producing weaker regulations. General Motors being one of these factories announced its "capacity reduction" taking out 10 percent of their global workforce and placing themselves in bankruptcy. Most of these workers were able to find positions in other GM companies while others were out of work for good and had no clue as to where their next paycheck would come from. Scary times for companies and even scarier times for average people with families to worry about.
Luckily these people were not shoved out the door with only years of
experience under their belts and no where to put it, most of those laid off were given up to $20,000 and some even $115,000 if they gave up their pensions other than just their retirement. These laid off workers were also given a $25,000 voucher toward a brand new car. GM themselves ended up borrowing $50 billion in order to restruct their companies.
Superior Auto Institute has found that many hard-working laid off laborers want to go into business for themselves and found that easier with this institute because they already have some experience due to working at General Motors. Superior Auto Institute has become a safe haven for many unemployed workers, most workers took the last cash payment given to them and put it toward helping to obtain their own careers and their own shops by becoming a dent repair training technician.
Superior Auto Institute is a great school for teaching all the courses
needed for becoming a PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL technician. This includes learning where safety concerns are on a car so that the air bag doesn't present safety issues, learning how to take a dent out of a car so that it appears brand new and the opportunity to work with various types of vehicles ranging from compact cars to SUV's.
General Motors found themselves capable of hiring back some of their
employees but luckily enough some of those old employees have found new and successful jobs earning a profit in which best supports their families and themselves. An average dent school technician can earn anywhere from $80 to $100 per vehicle they fix which can adds up to a pretty penny depending on the kind of business is being kept.
Superior Auto Institute makes becoming a PAINTLESS DENT repair technician efficient, with only two weeks of school to get trained and out the door most GM ex-employees are already on their way to earning a successful income and enjoying a fascinating career.