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College Costs Keep Rising

By Brian Jump

Every parent dreams of the day that their not so little bundle of joy will graduate from high school and leave the nest, well at least the dad’s do while the mom goes through a box of Kleenex’s. Anyways, my point is, is that kids grow up and they go off to college to become doctor’s, lawyer’s, architects or even a sever at McDonald’s who has a 4-year degree. Either way they have hit the exciting world of college life and now are on their way to becoming something more successful. It’s all very grand.
Another thing that becomes grand is the debt of college which most students fail to see until they are ten years out of college and up to their neck in debt. College loans are made to keep people down even when they’ve gone to school to better themselves, these loans can be stressful and be a cause for most mid-life crisis. You work as hard as you could, you made the grade, you got the degree and now you have to spend the next ten years trying to pay back a loan which is building interest.
Due to state budget cuts public college loans have successfully increased by 6.5 percent just by last year alone. Private colleges have increased by 4.4 percent. To stay at a public college for four years you have to be ready to either get a loan or shell out $15,213. For a private college it’s doubled for room and board at $35,636. The costs are un-imaginable to a teenager getting out their into college life and most of these teens find themselves unwary of what the long term effect is going to be until they are already so full of debt it’s already hurting their credit.
Forty-two percent of those who graduated with debt live paycheck to paycheck later in life; twenty-two percent who graduated without debt also live paycheck to paycheck. Many graduates who graduated with debt are finding it hard to buy a house, have children or even get married due to their debts.
Many college graduates enter the workface with so much debt it ends up taking them years and even decades to pay it back. Taking out a $10,000 loan to pay off in ten years could end up costing you $18,194. A $40,000 loan could end up costing you $72,776. You began to ask yourself, is it worth it?
Trade schools could be the better answer. They are meant to teach you a specific trade rather than re-teaching things you already learning in high school. Trade schools are less expensive and will keep you at home rather than in a dorm which usually means less college life, but it also means less time paying back harsh debts.
One of the trades you could learn through a trade school is paintless dent repair. You could learn how to take out dents and be well on your way to earning money rather than having to pay so much money back. Superior Auto Institute allows for that chance of working on actual cars in a lot rather than being in a classroom where you never get to touch a car. Paintless dent repair could be your future instead of debt.