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Dealers are losing money

By Les Chung

Yup. Cash. Moola, Greenbacks, coin, gone, zip, bye bye.

But how?

Luckily, dealers dont understand in-house recon programs, and are usually to preoccupied to run one successfully. Now Im not saying its impossible..I know of a few that we have trained techs thru that do VERY well. They pay their tech well, they sell PDR through the service drive, new car and F&I, etc etc. For them, the program works, but for many others, it doesnt.


Well if you are an independant PDR tech, you are happy this situation
exists..because if it didnt, you would be out of quite a few clients. You see, large dealer groups can run an inhouse recon center and save money..but it is CRUCIAL they do it right, or they lose money. Sometimes, alot of money.

For example, lets take a look at the grand poobah of recon..the bodyshop. Dealer bodyshops by MAJORITY, across the USA, lose HUGE cash annually.

So why do they have them? Beats me. Ignorance is the only reason I can see, because if they want to make profits, they would close the bodyshop doors on Monday and focus on sales, service and parts, where the real gravy flows.

But, not all dealers are accountants, sad to say, or glad to say, if you are a recon technician.

So, all you Dallas Paintless Dent Repair, Automotive Paint Repair, Interior Repair, et al techs, go to sleep tonite, and sleep deeply. Your clients will be waiting for you as usual. Sure they are losing money, but they dont care. So dont worry.

At least for now.....

Les Chung
Superior Auto Institute