Economic survey: Job losses to bottom out in 1Q

By Brian Jump

Through-out the longest recession since the Great Depression American’s watched as the economy was taken to an all new level of discomfort and left to meddle in its loss of jobs, stock market falls and not to mention the havoc that was wreaked on the housing market.

Now after three years despair, the black cloud has finally lifted and American’s are claiming jobs again, the auto industry has climbed out of close to foreclosures and American’s are finally able to look toward a future that’s full of brightness and employment. Though this is not the time to get too excited, many American’s are finding themselves a little less insomniac at night.

Even though the recession has ended, many questions fly up about our future and Washington D.C. is being looked to for the answers. Even with their stimulus package going out is to help those are who losing unemployment benefits and promises new jobs and the upbringing on healthcare; many people are still waiting for a change in their lives and economists say that change just may be coming.

Back in October unemployment rates topped an all time high of 10.2 percent since 1983 and now economists believe that by this time next year unemployment rates may decrease to 9.6 percent which means more employment will be available for those who will still be stressing about jobs during the next year. During the first quarter job’s will bottom out and people will be able to start finding more jobs easier.

Although unemployment will begin to look up, the economy will not get better unless consumer spending increases. Many economists are looking toward this week’s black Friday in hopes that something will change consumer spending. While this day is the busiest day of the year, many are wondering if anyone will have the extra money to shop this year.

While unemployment has left quite a few in the dark and unaware of financial freedom you don’t have to be one of those people. You could have financial freedom! You could afford Christmas this year, you can afford to buy your child that toy they asked for all year long, just by simply thinking of switching trades or adding a trade to the business you are already in.

Try Paintless Dent Repair for instance. Paintless Dent Repair is the pulling of dents and dings that arrive in paint due to runaway carts or someone accidently hitting your car with their door. With unemployment an ever-growing problem as of right now, more technicians will be needed when the auto industries pick back up.

You could be earning $100 per vehicle you fix and get back on the road and in today’s economical recovery status; that is too much money to simply pass up.