Economy grows in 3Q, signals end of recession

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

It's absolutely no secret that we have been in one of the worst recessions in the past seventy years. What does come as a shock to many people is that even when it seems to be deteriorating there is still so much damage to be tamed.

 In 2007, our economy as we knew it started falling down hill and since then it has been on a path leading us through unemployment, high health-costs, stock drops and the foreclosure of many homes. For many, the effects of this recession have been life-altering, many have hit rock bottom and have no idea when things are going to turn back around. Children don't know much different if you ask them but parents are scared of what's to come if they do not find some way to cover this month's mortgage. Job's were taken for granted that they would be there next week, next month or even next year. Now people are wondering if their job will even be there tomorrow.

With the news that this recession is ending comes a lot of hope from people who have since lost a lot of their hope. Even though the recession ending should be great news people are still fretting because it doesn't seem as though that much has changed. When you are "working class" you have no idea what is going on with economy, you are simply listening to what the government says and you hope they at least know what they are talking about. Sometimes though not even the government can predict exactly what is going to happen in our economy.

With that being said, the economy does seem to be heading up, except for unemployment. In the 3rd quarter, the economy grew 3.5 percent which is said to be the best rate in the past two years. Analysts expect that the economy's recovery will be caterpillar slow in getting back to normal, due to the rising of unemployment.

Manufacturing goods went up 22.3 percent in the 3rd quarter which is the most it's seen since 2001. Most of the purchases in which helped the manufacturing goods obtain a higher percent came from the auto sales which was highly due to the $4,500 rebate American's received for trading in their older vehicles for newer better gas- mileage vehicles during the program "Cash for Clunkers" this summer. Home sales jumped up 23.4 percent which has been the largest since 1986.

While the economy is climbing back up, all its contributing factors seem to be helping it equally except for the job market which seems to be getting worse. Unemployment is the only thing that has been left out when it comes to the government's help, so what are they planning to do if anything? No one really knows.

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