Economy is kick-started, but can it motor ahead?

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

Good news, the economy has taken a swift kick and has started to preserve a
small part of its old habits back but with this kick is any real change

With unemployment still on the rise and anticipated for a rise to 10 percent
by next year, home sales falling by 3.6 percent, stocks taking more turns
for the worse and healthcare undecided for, can this swift kick really
change anything for the United States in the end?

The government has utilized half of its $787 billion in spending and tax
cuts as part of the stimulus package to see a change in the economy only
to the statistics above, it hasn't seen to change all that much.

To help save auto industries, the "Cash for Clunkers" program was
among the nation. After this program came and went over the summer, auto
sales were uplifted which has also helped the housing market mildly.

Both the government's billion's to spend and provide tax cuts and the "Cash
for Clunkers" program was both part of the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act, which will be ending later next year possibly into 2011.

To help with the economies tough issues at hand the Federal Reserve put its
interest rate to zero percent and committed $1.75 trillion to
programs which was meant to up interest rates. The Federal Reserve's
programs to buy $1.45 trillion in mortgage related securities will cease
the end of 2010.

Propublica a nonprofit journalists group estimated that there was about $291
billion left to spend and that $150 billion were going into tax cuts.

With all this money bouncing around everywhere it is hard as average working
people to see why our economy is in such bad shape. A few billion here and
there and things should be simpler, but I guess it doesn't work like that.
speculate if we all had the right amount of money we wouldn't know what we
are fighting for against other countries.

As American's we hope our government knows what they are doing as all of our
time and trust surrounds them. We strive daily to look for jobs, obtain
healthcare and hope that gas prices will stay down.

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