Ford is back on Track

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

September marked new hope for America’s economy when home sales began to flourish, companies started regaining consumers and consumer spending as a whole began to increase slightly. The recession as we know it is ending and doors are opening back up for the people, making many American’s thankful in so many ways.

While the recession is ending and things are looking positive most people are still in shock and trying to find a foot to stand on while dealing with the aftermath of its destruction. Many factories and companies either closed down or chose to cut over half their workers through-out the worst recession anyone has seen since the 1930’s and now still those people are unemployed and have no way to support their families.

Auto industries either had to shut their doors, cut employers or take government aide to keep themselves alive through-out this recession and even some ended up doing all those things in the end.

Ford however was one company that put up such a fight through the recession that they have come out stronger than ever. Some would say they are a force to be reckoned with due based off of their strength through such a hard period for America. Monday, investors were surprised by Ford’s $1 billion net income and even more surprised that Ford is planning 2011 to be "solidly profitable.”

Even though Ford declined government help and resisted any thought of bankruptcy the company did obtain some help from the Cash for Clunkers program, a program designed by the government to help American’s get rid of their old car’s by using a rebate to buy a new fuel efficient vehicle. This program saw many American’s herd to local dealerships in order to spend their rebate and improve their vehicles, which in turn improves their wallets. Most of the profits helping Ford’s net income came from this program, lower cost in tools and market shares.

A pretax of $357 million was pasted by Ford's key North American car and truck division, which was the division's first quarter in the black since 2005. Lewis Booth, Chief financial officer of Ford reported that the company made $1.3 billion more than it spent in the third quarter, which was an improvement from the second quarter.

Although Ford is doing particularly well right now the company is still in debt for 26.9 billion and had to close factories and cut out tens of thousands in jobs to keep their doors open. So there is a rough road ahead for Ford, just like other auto industries.

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