Ford Wins the Most Automotive Excellence Awards in History from Popular
Mechanics Magazine

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

Ford has the motto "Ford Tough" and this year the large auto company has proved it. Popular Mechanic's magazine has said that Ford has taken the most, Excellence Awards home in history. Ford, for its 2010 version of various vehicles took the most awards home than any other automaker.

The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, which runs a 5.4 liter V8 engine and has been described as the "new superpower to contend with in the muscle car wars," (by editors of Popular Mechanic's; took home the Performance Award.

The 2010 Ford Transit Connect, which is described as a "fresh alterative to a full-size van in packaged to address the pressures of the economy," by editor's of Popular Mechanic's; took home the Workhorse Award.

The 2010 Ford SVT Raptor, described as the "most extreme high-speed 4x4 pickup", produced by the editors of Popular Mechanic's, took home the Off-Road Ability Award.

Ford was recognized as being the "best in automotive design, execution and technology," as far as the 2010 model year vehicles. Ten different categories winning awards has convinced that much.

When looking for the award winners, editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine spent months not to mention miles in these same vehicles in which ended up taking home awards and others like it. Once the "testing" is over, the team of editors nominates vehicles they value for each category and then votes are cast until a winner is named.

The group Vice President, Global Product Development in Ford's Motor Company Derrick Kuzack gladly accepted each of the awards on behalf of Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company sells many cars a year and has even had a good reign in the recession so far but now that the recession is lifting many more people will be turning to Ford for their next vehicle because according to Popular Mechanic's Magazine, Ford is the best company in several different categories.

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