Government may say recession is over but not job losses

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

After a long recession full of layoff's, stressful thoughts of paying bills
and mortgages, long hours of wondering how healthcare was going to be paid
and the up's and downs of the stock market the recession is finally
Eleven recessions have existed since World War II and this one has been then
longest one since 1930. The government will be releasing a report this week
proving that the recession is breaking and things are going to start looking
up. But are they really looking up or does government just want to ease the
Along with this report another report goes out next week saying that
although the recession is ending unemployment rates are continuing to rise
and will possibly be up 10 percent by early 2010. So the government is
saying don't worry because home's are being bought again, banks are
starting to recover and even the auto industry is looking up but as for a job that's not going to happen.  Why is it that makes sense to the people in
Washington D.C., if I don't have the money to pay my rent how in world am I going to buy a house or a car? American's need a job above everything else; it
seems that the government will bail out the auto industry but not those who have to put their starving children to bed each night because of what this
recession has done to families everywhere. That doesn't make a whole of
sense to me.
The National Association of Business Economics did a survey that saw 34 of
43 economists polled claim that the recession was over. This is great news
but more than fifteen million people all across America are still unemployed. That is whole lot of families missing out on paying their mortgage/rent, bills, healthcare needs, car payments, and any recreational activity at all at the end of a hard work week because there is no hard work to be had.
Small businesses are unable to retrieve loans and Americans are finding out
that their homes are worth less than their mortgages. Stocks have also
surged about fifty percent since their lowest in March.
A survey of economic forecasters prepared by blue chip Economic Indicators, predicted a growth in the Gross Domestic Product, the survey showed that
each quarter of 2010 would be in the positive.
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