By Brian Jump

Are you a PDR bad-ass?

I mean, do you think YOU are one of, if not The best PDR tech, either of all time, or at least of modern times?

If so, dont be shy. ALOT of techs feel the same way.

I was at the PDR Olympics in Orlando a few years ago, and I personally met alot of "wannabe" bad-asses. Some of them werent too bad, others, you wondered how they stayed in business, and how the customers in their "neck" of the woods, and by the way, I mean that phrase literally, would give them business.

But I digress, lets get back to the heart of the subject- what makes a Paintless Dent Removal Bad-ass, voodoo daddy..:

1) Bid dents- no problem.
Thats a no brainer. If you are king of the ding, you must have the goods to push out large dents. Large, you know, not your typical golfball or baseball sized dent, but maybe a caved in quarter panel, or fender etc etc.

2) Deep damage. No, not something your hand can weasel out, not something ANY tool will push out without having to push it back down a few times along the way..something DEEP. I mean, it will need to be able to hold water if it is deemed to be deep damage, otherwise, bad-ass need not apply here.

3) Access- none or restricted. If your panel or panels have easy, open access, bad ass, not to be. Your kingdom of dent king must include a nasty, impossible dent without easy access. Im talking sandwiched metal, surrounded double panels, welded in triple bracing, etc. If you do PDR for a living, you know what Im talking about. And by living, Im not referring to Dent Wizard, Im talking about real techs..you
know, the ones who write their own work, do it, bill for it, and KEEP it. Ouch, that hurts, Dent Wizard tech...

4) Paint. Yes, a solid, non metallic, non pearl will not do here. We need a mica.... a metallic color as well added for good measure. Oh yeah, put that dent thru a bodyline, on a compound curve too while your at it. And if you're right handed, put in on a panel that REQUIRES use of your weak hand..,such as a extra cab section, minivan slider door, etc.on your bad side.

Think Im done? No way.

5) Repaint, with body filler. Yup, bondo, with a nice, hazy repaint, complete with fully uncured clear, so usage of your tap down will render deep divots in the clearcoat, and ruin the clear.

Now, take a look at the list..
You still think youre a bad- ass, PDR Tech? Seriously....99% of ANY of you couldnt handle the above notion..why? time. Thats right. It takes TIME..which equates to experience, to be able to handle the above. Im not saying its impossible, but only the top 1% of all techs on the planet couldnt handle what Ive experienced and written about above.

So dont lie to yourself- get back to work, practice, and maybe some day, well, you know..

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Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump