Home Prices in August up fourth straight month

Story by Superior Auto Institute / www.nodents.com

Since the recession is starting to fall back many people are starting to
notice that home prices are actually starting to go up. The government
seems to be throwing out incentive programs for everything except for the
unemployment issue which is one issue that needs to be resolved before
anyone can even think about buying a house. With times hard and the
recession receding people are still looking to the government for help but
all we seem to find is help for the wrong things.

August marked the fourth straight month in a row where home prices have gone up, the industry's group confidence index submerged to 47.7 percent this
month from 53.4 in September. This was the biggest drop in eight months.

The index of home prices taken in 20 different metropolitan areas rose by
1.2 percent in August from July which was only at 0.7 percent.

Annual rates saw that there was a decline in home prices down to 10.6
percent in a 10-city index while there was a 11.3 percent decrease in the
a 20-city index.

On Tuesday, the US Senate is scheduled to make a vote. This vote could
extend an $8,000 tax break for first time homebuyers which could help the
housing market stand on two feet once again.

The prices of homes are rising and unemployment is still a huge factor in
many people's lives. What are people to do in this day in age where there
is no where left to turn for a job?

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