Home prices rise for 4th month in a row

Story by Superior Auto Institute

This year has claimed quite a few successes when it comes to the turnaround of the economy and although many improvements have been made several more have to be accomplished before the economy can fully turn around for the better and start us all on a path toward a brighter future.

The last three years have made a devastating impact on the economy and with the worst recession in seventy years high-tailing it out of our economy’s path many people are left to ponder what’s next. American’s have been left jobless, unable to find work and some are even homeless while others are afraid to step out into the housing market at all.

This brings us to the topic of home prices rising for the 4th month in a row. The Standard & Poor’s Case Shriller home price index of twenty major cities shows that home prices were raised from 0.3 percent to 144.96 during September which was a fourth month in row increase.

Seasonally adjusted index however is up more than three percent from its bottom out in May but decreased from its 30 percent rise in April of 2006. Analysts do not foresee any of these numbers about to change especially since the winter is coming up and holidays are just right around the corner. Many people who would generally think of buying a home at this point are trying to figure out how to afford Christmas. During this holiday season which should be the time for miracles many people will lose their homes due to foreclosure.

Even with recession out of the economy’s hair, the dandruff is still around making a huge impact on what our future will hold. With the unemployment rate topping a high of 10.2 percent for the first time since 1983 and the economy’s domestic gross product coming in at only 2.8 percent, the economy has barely got a leg to stand on. So when it comes to extra purchases, it’s like this… people are trying to hold onto what they have right now.

At this point right now, the Mortgage Bankers Association has reported that fourteen percent of those who do own a home are either behind on their mortgage payments or are in the process of being foreclosed on which means not even those who have homes can afford to pay on them. Even with the $8,000 tax credit going out from the government to help first-time buyers buy a home many people have to look toward the future and realize that even if they can get into a home, most people cannot afford to pay the monthly payments. So in the end, do these tax credits even help?

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