Honda raises forecast, avoids loss for first half

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

Through-out this recession many jobs have been lost, companys have closed
their doors, homes have been foreclosed on, vehicles repossessed,
healthcare costs have been too high for people to accurately care for their children and themselves and many auto industries have had to rethink their
marketing strategies and some have even had to discontinue some of their vehicles.

Some companies however have stayed strong through-out this recession and
have come out on top as though there was never any crisis at hand, such as
Honda Motors Co. Due to the green incentives Japan's bestselling car
merchant have in store, Honda has been strong in sales and kept their good
name held high through-out one of the longest going recessions in the past
79 years.

A 155 billion yen net profit is expected which is four times more than the
initial outlook profit of 40 billion yen. In July through September net
profit fell by 56.2 percent from a year earlier to 54 billion yen which
was better than expected. For the first half of the year the net profit was 61.5
billion yen measured up to its former prognosis of a 10 billion yen decrease.

Honda has thrived in surviving the global economic deluge better than some
of its adversaries mainly because Honda focus's their energy on what is
best for the economy and right now that happens to be small fuel-efficient
vehicles like, the Insight Hybrid. Hybrids are actually tax-free in Japan
which makes them an even a bigger success among consumers.

Honda is successful for many different reasons, for one they are very
popular among an irate number of people who are tired of the economy and
the way things are in modern times. Secondly, Honda is known for their famous Asimo Robot and more recently for the Insight gas-electric Hybrid.

Honda has stayed alive because they know what people want in today's economy and many people are impressed with Honda's up-curve even though the economy has put many out of work and companies out of business. Even when the US announced their incentive "Cash for Clunkers, Honda's sale improved.

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