Detailing tip: How to Remove Swirl Marks

By Les Chung

"Detailing tip: How to Remove Swirl Marks"

This is a job that requires patience. Be sure you spend the time to go through both steps. Otherwise, you wont be happy with your swirl mark results.

How to remove swirl marks is a two part process.

Step One: Wash the car. This will remove any dirt to prevent any scratching.

Step Two: Use a low speed polisher with foam pad and polish or swirl remover to remove swirl marks. Do this process slowly, as rushing will only add more marks. Using light pressure and move the buffer in a 8 patter, and be sure that you always have enough product on the pad or you can burn the clean.

When this is completed use a clean, soft towel to dust the finish clean.

Thats it!