How to Turn a Dollar into $100 in just 2 minutes

By Brian Jump

Catchy title, huh?

No, not a get rich deal, not a gimmick. This article is geared towards auto detailers or auto recon businesspeople.

So, to my point:

1) You have a dollar, given to you from your customer. Lets say his name is Jim, and he just paid you to do a very basic wash and wax. Youre a detailer. Or, your a Paintless Dent Removal Tech, either way, this will work for both of you

2) Youve completed your task and the client is happy. So what do you do now?
A) Say goodbye and thanks for the buck
B) Say call me next time you need me.
C) Offer the client a discount card for the next time he or she needs you, AND also offer him a free repair if he/she refers you 2 new clients.

Yes, C is the goal. Your clients are your best salespeople, and if you do it right, you can build a book of business that will never require any further advertising, and you will not need to prospect any more. AND you can CHOOSE your clients instead of them choosing YOU. Wow..think about that one for a second.

YOU choose the client. That is important, because let me tell you, some clients are NOT worth the time or money, And the flipside, other clients are worth gold, literally.

So you create, either on your invoice, or business card, or referral card, a means to have your clients refer you business. And lets say you go beyond what your clients expect, so that they REALLY want to spread the word about you.

That is a big secret in business. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc know this hard and fast rule. Give the customer more than they expect, and you will win them over.
Simply giving them what they expect only does one thing- it completes the transaction. Boring, huh!... Wow them. Blow them away.

Examples? Sure I'd be glad to-
A) Detailer? replace their wiper blades, check their tire pressure, get their oil changed or give them a free coupon to do so themselves.

B) PDR Tech? Give them a free car wash coupon, take out extra dents, touch up scratches, polish headlites, etc etc.

Be creative. I bet you can think of all sorts of things you can do for your clients.
The opportunity is there, because the client has give you the opportunity..what you do with it is up to you. Meet their expectations, no biggie. Blow them outta the both win.

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Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump