I have a Family- how can I start a business?

By Brian Jump

I have a family- So, by that definition, I am qualified to speak on this subject.

And let me say that we have MANY people who come to our school locations at nodents.com, who have families as well, with financial obligations to meet. As a matter of fact, I can honestly say I dont think we've had one person come to us who was financial retired or didnt need the income from our Paintless Dent Removal or Recon Training programs..everyone who came to us was interested in benefiting from
the processes to draw money directly from the techniques learned.

So, IF you have a family, and are considering a new business, this topic is for you.

1) Risk. Yes, there is risk in ANY business. This article isnt about glossing over the obvious risks. This article is about assessing the risks and preparing for all options and occurances. And when you prepare to start a business, there are some things you need to take into stock..
A) Cash. I dont recommend that anyone, family or single, should quit or terminate their current income position and go head first into a Recon Business. I suggest that everyone start part time, UNLESS you are working for someone else and they have guaranteed you a salary, or if you have extensive CASH reserves. That means 6 months
worth of cash reserves. That doesnt mean you will NEED 6 months of cash on hand, what it does mean is that you will have some breathing room for any obstacles that you may encounter.

B) Plan. You MUST have a business and marketing plan in place, with forecasts, goals and options for success, with back up plans. This is probably the most important part of starting any business, and should you need assistance, we will assist you, free of charge.

C) Part Time roll out. I always recommend that a new Paintless Dent Repair Technician start out building clientele on a part time basis, by serving them around their current job schedule, ie afternoons, evenings and or weekends. If Recon is to be an income supplement, you can continue on this path..if it is meant to replace your current income, then you would want to establish a solid book of business prior to terminating your current employment or income. You can do this several ways, and we encourage you to contact us for specifics.

D) Dont lie to yourself. SO many people lie to themselves, and this can be COSTLY.
Costly in terms of not only money, but time. And I always say, you can make a boatload of money, but you cant make a drop of time...so heed the warning seriously.

E) Choose something you have an interest in and will enjoy. I dont care if it is Paintless Dent Removal or high altitude basket weaving...be happy, and do something that will not only provide for you and your family, but something that you will enjoy. The more you enjoy what you do, the more you will tend to succeed in your efforts. Have a great time!

To recap- You can start a business with a family, but planning, budgeting and having a reality check are all neccessary ingredients for a successful venture.
Best wishes, and call us 1-888-992-3464 if we can assist you.

Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump