Paint Touch Up Shortcuts

By Les Chung

Paint Touch Up Shortcuts

If you intend to be or are already a Paint Touch Up tech, this info will be very useful to you.

Now Paint Touch up is somewhat like witchcraft, because there is alot to it, or at least to do it well.
Now Im not going to go into how to perform Paint Touch up, but here are some quick touch up tricks to help you get down the road a bit easier.

1) Scratches. If you have a clear coat scratch, and the damage is NOT into the basecoat, try this: brush some clear coat into the scratch, INSTEAD of paint. You will guarantee a color match, and it will not look so thick..hint- you can thin the clear coat out too for an even better appearance!

2) Key scratches. Now if you have a non metallic/pearl paint color key scratch, this is easy- take your paint, use a thickening agent, swab in, let it cure/dry, then block down and buff.
Now if you have a metallic or pearl color, not so easy, because the micas wont spread out the same as a non metallic color, and the tint/flop etc will not match, regardless of how well the paint matches. If you have any base color left in the scratch, you are better off usually adding clear and cutting/buffing that instead of adding color, otherwise, airbrush or blending is the next step-forget brush touching color...

3) Transfers. One simple answer- Laquer thinner. Done.

Hope that helped, and keep on paint touchin' !

Happy Pushing!

Les Chung