Detailing Tip- Removing scuffs

By Les Chung

Got scuffs? Easy job to remove the damage usually, but be sure you get paid for it!

Now a scuff is usually a simple transfer of paint, on top of your original paint> Occasionally, the scuff is branded on so hard, that it is very difficult to remove, so you may need to repeat this process or be patient, but usually the transfer will come off in seconds.
Also, you do run the risk that there might be scratched or removed paint from underneath the when you remove the transfer, if that is the case, painting or paint touch might be your only solution.

Step one: Don some gloves, and get out your laquer thinner (paint thinner is too weak so dont use it)

Step two: with a clean white terry cloth, wipe the thinner on top of the transfer. If it comes of nicely, repeat until done, then apply a wax, as thinner removes oils and the painted area will look dull when you are done.

Step three: if it does NOT come off easily, rub vigorously with the thinner. You may find some transfers very stubborn, but be patient. You may wear thru a pair of gloves, but the transfer will eventually come off, and there isnt really a better chemical other than thinner..

Good luck!

Les Chung