Richmond, CA

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

Auto Auctions are all around the world and for the most part they are the best and cheapest way to find the car you have always wanted and in today's recession everyone needs a little help where they can find it.

Even though the recession seems to be backing off and auto industries are beginning to find their footing again many people are still unable to afford a car and some are still unemployed which means they can't even afford the cars sold at car auctions. However, some people are still finding their way to these auctions and driving home with their new car.

California is known for their auto auctions, many people have been known to even drive to California just to be able to get in on an auction so they can afford a car they've always wanted.

The Adesa Richmond Public Auction in Richmond, California happens to be a very popular auction. Government seized vehicles are being sold all the time for low prices, there are several different types of vehicles from trucks to cars, to vans and SUV's which should make shopping for a vehicle as exciting as shopping for new clothes.

If you want they can also sell your car also. An Auction is being held this Halloween, October 31st. Richmond is not the only place where Auto Auctions are in California you can find them from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Anaheim has some great auto auction houses which offer seized cars at a low price also. You can find classic cars, sports cars, family model cars and luxury cars.

Daily a fresh supply of cars are literally rolling into the lot which means you could be one step closer to finding your dream car at a price you can afford and in today's economy that speaks volumes.

Anaheim also allows for Paintless Dent Repair trainers to work on their vehicles that are being placed up for auctions. Dents and dings are just two issues that a vehicle has to be checked for when it comes to putting a car up for auction. Luckily, Superior Auto Institute who trains future technicians in the art of glue-pulling is not far away.

At Anaheim trainers are working hard to pull dents from cars to ready them for auction which means a lot of money is heading their way since so many cars are needed to be fixed before they are ready to be shown. To become one of these technicians working on these cars you just have to train in two week course, buy the necessary tools and you are ready to head out on your own and start your own business, working your way up the totem pole to a rewarding and stable career earning a great income and being your own boss.

When it comes to Paintless Dent Repair you'll always have a job as long as there are vehicles in the world and in this face-paced world people are always looking for the quick fix so wouldn't it be great to be a part of a vast and efficient way of earning a ton of money doing something you love that also helps people out?