San Diego News

By Brian Jump

Auto Auctions are a great way to find a new or used vehicle for a low price. They are stocked full of various vehicles from trucks to motorcycles. Most of the time auto auctions are selling cars that have been seized by drug smugglers and things of that nature but that is not all that it being sold.
San Diego has several different auto auctions houses and they are very popular in size. Here are several of the auction houses: The Manheim Auto Auction, The IAA, The Copart Salvage Auto Auction, The Ranch Del Oro Vehicle, The Desert View Auto Auction and the The Adesa. They each have their different limits on what is being sold and how often they sell. Some of these auto auction houses will sell once a month while others will sell three times in one month.
Auto auction houses usually have vehicles going for a great price and all you have to do is be the one who bids the highest to take the car home, just like e-bay. Before the car is placed up for auction it has to be checked for certain things such as: a/c unit, body, tires, condition of windows, checked for dimples, scratches, paint chips, dings and dents. This is where a paintless dent repair technician would come into play. Paintless dent repair technicians are called on by these auctions houses to fix the dents and dings of the many vehicles which means more of chance for their trainees to learn and more money going into their pockets.
Auto auction owners want to get their vehicles out on the market as soon as possible with as little money needed to fix a vehicle. So therefore if the paint is not broken or too badly damaged than fixing a dent is pretty simple and costs less than it would to restore the whole section from beginning to end. Paintless dent repair is a cost efficient and more simple way to get a vehicle worked on. With Superior Auto Institute only a little ways away they are able to help with anything the auction owners may need.
Superior Auto Institute comes into play here because there are many trainees who are just waiting for their chance to fix a vehicle and since Superior Auto Institute is a hand’s on school than they will certainly get their chance. Trainees are able to show what they have learned on a car out in the lot that needs fixing and it helps them to use their basic raw talent to become more successful.
San Diego is not the only place in California that trainees are able to work and fix cars; they are also able to train on cars in some of the Orange County auto auctions. The Orange County auctions are the same as San Diego, some run once a month while others run three or more times a month. Just like with San Diego many of these cars are pre-owned or new and come from cars seized by the police force.
Auto auctions lots are great practice for paintless dent repair trainees.