Should I Quit My Job?

By Brian Jump

You’re a Paintless Dent Removal tech, a detailer, a Painter, a Wheel Repair Tech, Mobile Autobody tech, etc etc..and your fresh out of school.
And, you’ve practiced for a bit of time, you’ve got your skills down, and now, should you quit your job?

That’s a loaded question, and will vary from person to person, depending on their personal situation.

For one thing, if you have family that depend on income, or don’t have a savings or other income, quitting your job might not be too smart of a move at this point.

However, if you are single, have some money socked away or a part time job, then you have more time to get your business off the ground.

All people have their own personal financial situations, and growing a
reconditioning business takes time, and time costs money to pay your bills in essence. I suggest that our students build a business in the afternoons or evenings and weekends, and once they get a book of business that they can survive on, then either quit or work both opportunities.
Some people only build a recon business as a second income, while others build a recon business to be their sole income and even retire early!

Either way, adjust your time to cover and go in the direction that is best for you and anyone else who is relying on you. Because you have options and when you role out your business strategy properly, you can maximize your efforts and profits, which is what it is all about- time and money.

Remember, you can always make money. You cant make time.

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Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump