Im ready to start a business, now what?

By Brian Jump

So your finally ready. You've done your research. You've created a business plan, you have money in reserve for any rainy days, you've created a plan for 1 month, 2 months etc all the way thru the year for your business, and most of all, you have decided on something that will make you happy...not only money wise, but life wise, cause doing something you enjoy is important, whether it be Paintless Dent Repair,
Bumper Painting, Mobile Autobody or whatever.

So, after all the careful planning, the budgeting, forecasting, etc, whats next?

The next, my friend, is deciding on where to do your training, where to get your equipment and when to begin.

The "when" part is the most difficult for me to answer for you, because YOU have specific goals, and without knowledge of them, I cant tell you when you should start. Only you know what your schedule will afford you time wise, and when you want to get your business started. There is a learning curve, so the sooner you start, the sooner you can get your business off the ground and start making money, but that
doesnt mean you will be able to do so right now..current work obligations, funding, family obligations etc will all play into a plan, so do what makes the most sense for you.

After the when is decided, you also need to know the "where"..that is where to take your training and get supplies/equipment. Since we are a Paintless Dent Removal and Auto Recon school, we would of course love to assist you with your business planning, marketing and training. We are solely a one on one school that specializes in concentrated, focused training for only one individual at a time. We customize a
plan and conduct training to mazimixe the utmost of your time, since we know you only want to learn how to do this once, without the distraction of other students.
There is alot to learn, and by focusing on just you, we can ensure your total success, and meet or exceed your needs and goals.
Hey, thats our pitch..hope you choose us! But, aside from that, theres more to cover here, do on with the show..

After you decide the when and the where, the how is also important. Hopefully you have a budget in place, a business and marketing plan so you know what to expect and what you will spend to get the business airborne, and also neccessary efforts to market your business to secure clients. After all, knowing a repair process and having equipment is important, but without clients, what good are tools and knowledge? You need to have customers..they are the ones who will pay your your project..feed your kids etc. A very important entity, wouldnt you say?

So, the when, the how, the where are all in place.
I hope you call us for your business, and most of all, I hope you succeed and all of your goals and dreams are realized.

To good business,

Brian Jump