Stocks drop after unemployment rate tops 10 pct

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

This recession has wreaked so much havoc across the economy that many American’s are wondering if we will ever be free from it. Jobs have been lost, homes foreclosed on, businesses shut down and stocks bounce up and down all the time.
With no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring we are forced to trust what our government does to help this situation but even than we wondering if they are doing to right thing to help out as the unemployment rate hits 10.2 percent, the highest since 1983.
With this budding information about unemployment rates, stocks are being looked to. As unemployment was rising, stocks were dropping early Friday morning. While these stocks dropped, assets such as Treasury’s were rising.
Dow Jones dropped 60 points while Standard & Poor’s 500 dropped 7 points and Nasdaq decreased by 11 points. Consumer spending counts for 70 percent of what makes up our economy, so without it we don’t have any chance of recovery and are looking toward a recession before we fully get out of the one we are currently still meddling in. With unemployment being another huge factor which consumer spending relies on, without it too we have no chance of recovery so the fact is, is that we need jobs right now. However, employers are reluctant to hire until they know they are fully in the clear from this recession.
During the recession many American’s learned a harsh truth, unemployment can hit too close to home. More than 190,000 American’s have lost jobs in October and many more are expected to lose their jobs this month. Oil prices are dropping before American’s are unemployed and consumer spending has gone far down.
It is hard to know what to do when jobs are hard to find, bills are stacking up, diapers are even hard to pay for and meals seem to be lasting 2 to 3 nights instead of the normal one night leftover routine. All American’s are in the same boat and even though we keep paddling it is as though we have been caught on an iceberg and we are slowly sinking. Many American’s have had to lower their standards of getting a high paying job to support their families by accepting any job that comes along even if it only pays $8 an hour. Several other families have lost their homes due to foreclosure because they can no longer afford mortgage which means years of memories are left to the house someone else will buy.
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