Strong banks, weak credit: Treasury rethinks TARP

Story by Superior Auto Institute

During the recessions departure there has been problem after problem associated with its recovery. The unemployment rate has hit an all time high of 10.2 percent and is expected to reach an all-time high of 11 percent by next year. Stocks rise and fall every day, oil prices rise and fall, home sale prices have risen and many American’s are losing their homes due to foreclosure.

There is an upside however, banks are starting to repay the loans given to them to bail them out when their necks were on the line and foreclosure was an issue for their own businesses. Billions of dollars was used as aid to rescue banks and now returns are being made ahead of schedule.

Two hundred and fifty billion was set aside to help banks with their recoveries and two hundred and five billion was used. Banks have returned about $71 billion back and have made $7 billion in dividends. A program was announced with elaboration a month ago which would direct cash to small banks at depleted rates which would boost small businesses. This program could end up costing taxpayers anywhere between $10 billion to $50 billion; however banks are cautious about the program.

The program in which bailed out the banks the (Troubled Asset Relief Program) will come to end on December 31st of this year. However, the Obama Administration is in discussion about expanding the program out further due to the weak credit portion of banks until October of 2010.

When it comes to the past three years, a recession has caused to much damage and the economy is having a tough time trying to get back some strength to stand up on and now with jobs looking worse, banks still having trouble, stocks dropping daily and future’s looking bleak there is just no telling what will happen from here.

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