Taxpayers risked trillions at height of crisis

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

During the most aggressive longest recession since the Great Depression seventy years ago many American’s have thought only about when it would end. In hopes that tomorrow would be better we all lied our heads down to sleep at night praying for the best. In September, many people got their prayers, the recession started to end leaving behind a wrecked economy. Now that the recession has moved away, many are wondering just how far it moved away and if it is possible that it could come back before a blink of eye.
While American’s sit in the middle of a crisis that shaped a new world for many people, government officials put trillions of taxpayers’ dollars in danger to assure perilous bank assets. Taxpayer money, as much as 4.3 trillion was used to help banks with their own crisis through-out this recession.
This government issued program helped to stabilized financial markets and provide indemnity against losses but also ended up putting more taxpayer’s money at jeopardy than the congress had initially intended on.
Although this program has expired, guarantees are still being provided to government subsidiaries and strong banks. A report which was sent out on Friday claimed that these guarantees were the solitary principal component of the government’s difficult task to calm the markets down.
The Treasury Department dominated a restricted amount of aid money to assure assets worth many amounts more. That allowed officials to risk more of taxpayer’s money then they had originally planned on.
Even as the Obama Administration pulled from this program in order to repay back some of this money, banks are still in need of government help. This means that even though the recession has ended, many companies, industries and average daily American’s are in still need of some dire help financially.
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