The Best Vehicle for an Auto Recon Business

By Brian Jump

Begs to be answered, when youre starting a Paintless Dent Repair Business or Auto Detail business, or Bumper Repair business.

Each business has its own requirements for equipment, and as such will dictate which vehicle type is best for you and your business. With that, lets get to it-

Paintless Dent Removal
This is the easiest business to transport equipment with, since the tools are relatively simple to move around. I have a long time friend who pushes dents for Mercedes VPC here in California and he drives a Honda civic HB , …that’s right, a HATCHBACK. He keeps a few long tools along the center of the vehicle, but the remainder of his tools are in the back trunk area. It works for him. And he doesn’t need advertising, so he’s good to go. Now if you are looking to get advertising, I would suggest a Van,…the Dodge Sprinter for example is a rolling
billboard, and you can get multiple calls per week, building your retail business should that be a goal for you. And yes, the traditional truck works too, but keep in mind that it is not necessary! You can letter up the tailgate and sides, and yes you will get calls, but gas isn’t cheap, and driving a truck isn’t necessary.
It is good for an image when arriving at a clients location, whether it be a retail client or dealer, but as
I said, the work van is probably best all around.
Auto Detailing
With all of the chemicals, cleaners etc, there are a lot of fumes that you do NOT want to breathe when on the road. So that narrows things down a bit. NO Van. And no car either. You need room for your supplies and equipment, so trucks are usually best, or get a trailer and tow behind your van or truck.
Bumper Repair
With the chemicals and paints etc, once again, there are fumes and things you just don’t want to breath (That’s why painters wear masks). So, truck once again is a good option, and van is out. So, truck, or trailer. That’s it.
So now that you have the vehicle options, get busy with the rest of your business so you can start making MONEY!

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Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump