The Case for More Stimulus

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

When it comes to stimulus packages issued by the government it turns out
that in many areas they have been quite helpful such as pay cuts, job cuts
and an ability to replenish exhausted inventories. With great help from the government the recession is ceasing and the economy as we know it is
changing for the better for a change.

But what happens when all this help runs out? What happens when the stimulus packages are no more and the funding has all been spent? The government is going to have to get on the ball in thinking about what to do next before we relapse back into a recession before we have fully escaped this one.

Unemployment is expected to rise to 10 percent by next year and
foreclosures on homes are expected to increase while hundreds of small banks will also fail next year. In 2010, many local and state governments are going to
face budget shortfalls and the government has made no effort to plan any escape route for these incoming disasters. Yes, it is true that these disasters
may not happen until next year but why wait to be in a recession before anything is done. Why not deter incoming traffic before you are hit by it?

The Obama Administration has passed a diminutive advantage for veterans and those with disabilities by giving them a check worth $250 as long as they
have a social security number. What is that? That doesn't help much in
today's economy. It won't pay the mortgage, it won't pay for health bills,
it doesn't pay for a car bill and it certainly won't buy a month's worth of groceries no matter how many you are buying for. So when it comes down to it what is this $250 for, is it just to shut people up or does the government
really believe it is going to help people out?

Congressional Republicans say that an unrelenting economic drawback is
confirmation that none of the stimulus package's sent out earlier this year have worked. Many legislators on both sides of the system worry that hefty finance discrepancies disqualify more stimulus packages which means that the debt overshadows the advantage of undersupplied spending.

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