THE INFLUENCE GAME: Jobless aid helps business

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

On an average day many American’s spend their day looking for a job, at the end of the day however, there just aren’t enough jobs to support the 16 million lied off from work. Most American’s are able to receive unemployment benefits, but most of those have ran out or will run out by the end of year. The recession is clearing away, but left in its dust is a harsh reality, our economy is just too weak to stand on its own without government aid, so this leads many American’s to wonder if we will ever be able to stand on our own when the government stimulus packages have ran out.

On Friday November 6th, President Obama signed a bill which will help unemployment rates go down while in turn help big businesses such as homebuilders, realtors mortgage bankers, etc. Many of these businesses have spent millions of dollars and spent many months making the case for $20 billion in tax cuts for businesses and homebuyers which in turn will help to create jobs. Realtors assembled their 1.2 million affiliates across the country to call or write their senators and representatives for the push of the housing extension. Realtors conveyed more than 500,000 letters to Capitol Hill and made virtually 13,000 phone calls to Senate officers last weekend. On Thursday November 5th, Congress passed the tax breaks as part of a larger extension of unemployment benefits.

This bill assigns 14 more weeks of unemployment for the 2 million who have ran out or will run out or unemployment benefits by the end of this year. The bill also lengthens the $8000 tax credit for first time homebuyers to April, which was scheduled to end at the end of November.

Due to this new bill more jobs will be opening back up which means more consumer spending will be possible and with that comes the possibility of auto sales rising again which means more people will have money to fix their cars. If you are in the auto industry repair business than you are in the right place to make some good money but if you are not, then why not?
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