Turbocharge Your Paintless Dent Removal Biz..

Turbocharge Your Paintless Dent Removal Biz

By Brian Jump

I know..I hate to use such a cliche term that everyone and their mother over used in the late 80's, but it still beckons attention, and for that, I drag it out of the closet and use it again..turbo + your paintless dent removal business.

There. Im done with the hype. On to the show..


Im assuming you are a Paintless Dent Removal tech...and as such, you push dents.

Question: When you are pushing dents, are you selling? no. Someone recently said- when you arent selling, you arent making money.

So, when you push you are just waiting to make money LATER.
Thats not a good thing. So what to do? You cant sell AND push at the same time. And if your goal is to work less or make more money or both, I have a solution (that I personally have used and it works NICE)

Bring on a salesperson. Yup. A recon service salesperson. THIS, will TURBOCHARGE your business, when done right.

I have had great success by having a person sell our services while the techs are out working. I dont want my techs wasting time talking, chatting etc..let a salesperson handle that stuff..it IS important, but a tech isnt generating cash if he isnt pushing or working, so let them work.

How do you do this, you ask?
Well first you should network in your community..personally and through business..get the word out you are trying to hire a salesperson.

Secondly, think about hiring a woman. Think about it again, and then, unless you find Dent Jesus, hire a female it at all possible. You will thank me later.

Third- train this person the business ins and outs. They dont need to know how to write damage repairs or estimates, just the lingo and shortcuts.

Fourth- PAY this person. I would suggest 20% of the gross receipts and a small salary, car, phone etc, OR 30% straight commision or give them the option of either.
The person you hire will need and deserve to make good money and you dont want turnover. Our salespeople average 7 years with us, and you want your investment to stick around to help grow your business.

This person can sell to any market segment you want, and will generate income for your techs WHILE they are working. This person can even do Public Relations for you...all these things to make your business flourish!

And I dont know how many techs you employ or if it is just you, a salesperson can work in either situation, and can write anywhere from $5000 a month with ease, up to over $100,000 a month with some effort....so, you decide where you want to be, and get crackin..

Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump