A "PDR Tech Tip-wetsanding to save the day.."

By Brian Jump

PDR Tech? New to the trade or a consumate pro?

Ever wonder how a good tech can blend out a dent to look like the metal was never touched?
I mean, you know he was there because his suction cup left a dust ring on the sheetmetal, or you saw a plug in the area where he went in to remove the dent, but you trim the panel across the STREET and yet there is NO evidence!

Damn, how did he do it?

Two ways: One of them is wetsanding. Maybe 2000 or 1500, but chances are they cut the clear a bit. This is how to make a dent look great, and also take away any heavy texture to blend in the original appearance of the paint orange peel.

So, if you have a dent that is large (over 2 inches) or deep, consider cutting with paper. But be sure to be careful not to cut too much, because you will make the repair area actually smoother than the original texture surrounding, which will draw attention to your repair.

Hint- for even better texture blending, try using a bit of duct tape on your tool tip or rubber caps, as this will also cut down on the texture that is produced by the tool, netting out a better quality repair (yes, this is the second secret that techs use for perfect results)

Lastly, if you REALLY, REALLY want perfect Paintless Dent Removal work, practice. There's no shortcut for THAT, my friend.

Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump