Wheel Repair with Insurance Companies

By Les Chung

Are you looking for a simple opportunity with VERY little competition?

Wheel Repair is a great choice for this..and if you want to target a market segment that is ripe, the Insurance segment is it. The insurance industry looks to split a penny wherever and however they can, and wheel repair does alot more than that.
Wheel repair enables the insurance company, often through bodyshops, to reduce replacement costs for wheels with repair as a viable option.

Consider this-If the insurance industry cut just 10% off the costs of annual wheel replacement, and lets say, for arguement sake, they spent $5 million annually in wheel repairs, that means wheel repair would save the industry $500,000 annually. I imagine, in the USA, across all the insurance companies, there is quite a bit more spent on wheel replacement than that, especially with the rising costs of wheel. Nowadays, many cars, trucks and SUV's are coming standard with oversize wheels, that can cost well over $500 each.
So, with that, you can see there might be a BIT of motivation for the insurance industry to take wheel repair on, in droves.

And, in case your wondering if this is all conjecture or has substance, a MAJOR insurer has called us with this EXACT idea in mind...so what are YOU waiting for??

and Happy Pushing!

Les Chung