Do PDR Techs work when it Rains?

By Brian Jump

Now if you live in the Northeast or Northwest, this info will be valuable to you, because many people who work in the Auto Recon business CANT work when it rains.

Can you guess who those unlucky blokes are?

Painters (unless they work inside, but the work will still suffer)
Detailers (unless they work inside) Interior Repair Techs (It IS possible, but a royal pain in the arse to work in the wet)

but, Paintless Dent Repair Techs can work when it rains. We dont actually work IN the rain, we pull cars under a roof or protection to work, but water doesnt affect pushing metal, so yes, we DO work when it rains!

Now, writing up cars for a dealer or auction when they are outside can be tough, since water can hide small dents and dings, do many techs go out and write up work prior to a rain forecast so that they know they will have work ready for the rainy day, and wont have to get a water blade to wipe the cars down to look for dents.

So, if you want to make some dollars when the water is dumping, be water wise and write up or arrange work prior to the rainy day, and your bottom line will continue to grow!

Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump