Why Headlight Renewal?

By Brian Jump

You’re a Paintless Dent Repair tech, a detailer, a Painter, a Wheel Repair Tech, Mobile Autobody tech, etc etc..you get where Im going here…but you are always looking for another edge..a few more ways to generate extra profits. IN any of the above processes, there are extra ways to develop out more niches and services, and any way to expand the service menu is a way to garner more money. More money can
be used to grow your business..so extra profits are always a good thing!

So what is this extra process or idea that can pump up your invoices (and bank account) ?

Headlite Renewal.

What is it? When headlights discolor and yellow, they make the front fascia of a car look old and rundown. Headlite Renewal is a method to renew the headlights, making them clear and shiny, and thereby making the front of a vehicle appear new again. This is incredibly simple and incredibly easy to do, and costs pennies to do, yet has huge profit margins.

Example- a typical retail customer will pay $40-$60 to have a single headlight renewed (meaning the average retail price is double that!) and usually takes 5-10 minutes to do in total time, with average repair supply costs around .50-$1.50 Not bad, eh?

So who else wants cars with ugly headlights repaired?

Um, people who want their cars to look new, of course!

That group includes dealers, auctions, retail customers, and a whole slew of other automotive segments.

And with the above pricing, there is obviously some nice money to make with Headlite Renewal!

Check it out today, at nodents.com

Happy Pushing!

Brian Jump