World markets fall as US recovery doubts linger

Story by Superior Auto Institute /

After a month of the economy seemingly doing better, many are starting to wonder if it’s all true or just a load of fiction. On Tuesday, world stock markets lowered even though US has been gained home sales, increasing consumer spending and rebuilding auto industries.


In Asia, the stocks fell a day prior to the falling of US stocks while European markets fell in early on exchange. Most investors are start to feel antsy due to the unemployment rate continuing to fall, a report due out Friday will allow more information on what the unemployment looks like right now.


In September the unemployment rate hit a record breaking 9.8 percent since the early 1980’s. Analysts believe that by early 2010, the rate will have hit a full 10 percent.


Peter Lai, an investment manager at DBS Vickers in Hong Kong has this to say about the increasing unemployment rate. "There seems to be lots of uncertainty in the markets. I'm very cautious about the U.S. economic figures. It will be very damaging to sentiment if the U.S. unemployment rate crosses 10 percent."


He’s right of course, the unemployment dropping causes drops in consumer spending which affects the stocks as a whole. Every American knows about the Great Depression, they know how it caused, what happened and what became of it. No one though truly knew how to prevent it and even in today’s time no one knows if things are going to be for the better tomorrow or for the worse.


This article proves that it is not just American’s who are having economic difficulties. Many countries are having problems with their stocks, unemployment rates and companies.

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