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We at Superior believe our Paintless Dent Removal course is only as good as the last student to leave one of our facilites.


When Roberto Huayre came to us, he was concerned- he had no income, no job, and was recently injured during a workplace accident.

What Roberto DID have was determination!
He decided after years of passion for automobiles, he would learn to paint! Afterall, he had friends who were painters and they made mid 60k's to sometimes over 100k annually! He decided he could make a living on that kind of money.

So, Roberto looked us up, signed up through his vocational rehab counselor, and enrolled in our Commercial Paint Repair program with one of our bilingual instructors. After an intensified 3 week program, Roberto painted Porsches, Mercedes, and a whole host of luxury and standard vehicles.
Roberto left our school knowing all aspects of a Paint PRO, and we are confident Roberto will achieve his income goals swiftly!



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