What other skilled position can you choose to net you a six digit income without risking life and limb? These days.. not too many. With automation and a competitive market, good opportunities are far and few between.

Then along comes the good news about PDR; You had a dent removed from your own car, or your buddy told you a story about a guy who has a Viper and works 6 months out of the year, or, someone at school works part time and just bought the house he was renting,..etc etc.. We've all heard a version of these stories; that's why we decided to learn PDR in the first place! PDR is the real deal, and most of us who are techs don't want others in on the secret-You can make a ton of money, work decent hours (daytime hours!), save yourself a 2 or 4 year degree, and make a great living. But to the point: Is a PDR Tech just a repair technician, or more? Let's observe some other trades for comparison.

1) Plumber. Minimal education needed, as well as skill, Income potential: Limited. Competition? Everywhere.

2) Auto Mechanic/Tech. Minimal education needed, some skills needed. Income potential: decent, but limited once again. Competition? Of course.

3) Computer Repair Tech/MSCE. 9 months to 1 year education. Skills not neccessary. Income potential was good until the market flooded with PC Techs. Competition? Everywhere.
So where does the PDR Tech fit in?

1) Education needed is limited, but intense, and will continue on the job for some time. The fundamentals of PDR are somewhat basic, yet to turn them into a workable skill is complex and not easily done in a short period of time. It is best compared to playing a musical instrument-the more time spent practicing, the better the music..

2)Skills ARE needed in a BIG way. PDR is basically sculpting metal back to its pre-damaged shape. A dent is like a snowflake- no two are exactly identical, and thus needs to be adressed as such.

3) Income potential-Awesome. No matter how many techs enter the field, consider how many new cars hit the road each day, how many new drivers, how many new customers, etc...demand exceeds supply in almost every way.

4) Competition. Of course, but with limitations. Any motivated tech can create a living in almost any location, only requirments are the skills and time for conversation.
So if PDR requires, or DEMANDS intense, specialized and unique skills, wouldn't that be more of a art, than just a technical process? I mean, a musician is not a technician, right? And anyone cannot sit down and drum out a tune on a piano, and anyone cannot push out a dent, right? So, I think it is logical that an accomplished or qualified PDR tech is actually an artist. Maybe not as creative a skill as a musician or painter, but an intense and very unique skill nonetheless.
PDR Artist..maybe someday we will all be respected and recognized for what we truly are!

Jesse Chavarin, December 2001

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